Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sorry for the Inconvience: The Dirty Little War Over Chico's Bar

Well, the long awaited release of my newest documentary is this weekend. Its national premiere will be Saturday at the 19th edition of the Latin American film festival FAM, conveniently held in Florianopolis each year. Hundreds of films from several Mercosul (that’s a Latin American trading block) countries entered, and this little 80 minute ditty is now competing for with four others for best Documentary. I say it’s long awaited, because I couldn’t wait to finish and be rid of it. :-)

This documentary is a bit of a pyrrhic accomplishment. One made over the years without funding, with little to no help and over the last year, it left me drained, deceived and hugely disappointed which is ironic in that the original goal of the video was to be a source of inspiration, a point of hope in a land plagued by corruption, scandal and opportunists. Who knew there’d been an opportunist at my side.

So as happy as I am that it’s finally out of the studio and heading to a festival, I’m am even more elated that I’m rid of this headache and the lazy, barely-literate asshole that was attached.

My advice to budding documentary makers, (because I tend to get a bit of email asking advice) is choose people whom you have to work with really well, and CONTRACTS CONTRACTS CONTRACTS!

With that said, those interested in knowing  more about the film, check out the site and trailer.  Even given the headaches, lies, deceit that went on behind the scenes, I think I managed a rather beautiful film, with no budget that hopefully highlights a very big concern for not only the island, but many coastal areas throughout Brazil and around the world.

There is an English version of both.

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