Monday, December 23, 2013

Biggest & Baddest, second season in full swing.

The second rabies' shot is done, one more to go, visa is in the mail and in less than three weeks I'll be joining the brilliant "Biggest & Baddest" film crew in Uganda on yet another incredible adventure.

Biggest and Baddest is the brainchild of Peter Von Puttkammer. It's a great television series which airs on Animal Planet and Discovery. Now in its second season, it's an adventure, conservation, travel and wildlife show (not necessarily in that order). It tracks some of the biggest and most ferocious animals of the world, and while providing all the drama and information you'd expect from a great host driven wildlife show, it also discusses conservation issues and the problems that arise when the habitat of these creatures is reduced and they start to come into conflict with local communities. 

Peter is a brilliant director/producer (and cameraman) whom I've had the honour of knowing and working with since 2010 when we first worked together in the Amazon on his PBS Secrets of the Dead documentary about Col. Percy Fawcett (Lost in the Amazon). The host of the programme, Niall McCann, is a biologist, explorer and quite frankly one of the sharpest lads I've even met, he's also incredibly good in front of the camera and picked up "TV" faster than any other journalist or host I've worked with over my 30 years in this industry. 

The entire team is just a joy to work with, from the Venezuela Amazon (Anacondas), the outback of Australia (Crocodiles), the grasslands of Nepal (Tigers) and the Bayou of the USA (wild hogs), there's no other group I'd rather be with in tough, often dangerous situations producing stellar and important TV. Here's some behind the scenes pics over the last couple of years. 

Photos courtesy the Amazing Andy Dittrich; Niall McCann and Jon Ritchie. Scroll down to the bottom for the show's trailer.

Todd on Elephant back -
the only way you can track tigers safely.
(photo: Andy Dittrich 2011)

Todd Southgate with Peter Von Andy Dittrich 2012
Biggest and Baddest gang in Australia's Northern Territory.
hoto: Andy Dittrich 2012

Photo: Andy Dittrich 2012
Niall Catches another Python in the Venezuelan AmazonPhoto: Andy Dittrich 2011
Photo: Andy Dittrich 2011

Photo: Jon Ritchie 2011 (Nepal)

Photo: Niall Mccann (Venezuela)

Photo: Jon Ritchie 2011

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